R&D & Investment

More than 7% of annual sales revenue has been reinvested in R&D over several decades.

This has led to what is almost certainly the most advanced range of sealing technology available globally.

Modular technology

Our unique, patented range of pre-engineered components enables 10 million permutations to be configured so that we can rapidly assemble and dispatch solutions to suit your application faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else. 

Our technology means machining programs can run automatically – increasing productivity, reducing programming times and costs.

Effective design combined with optimum machining and control of changes allows AESSEAL® to deliver products quickly and affordably. Additionally, our intelligent technology identifies potential issues, improving performance and efficiency.

Qualification Testing

To deliver sustained reliability performance, we test our products to their limits. Our test rigs can be programmed to validate seal designs against pre-determined criteria, including:

  • shaft speeds (to 45,000rpm)
  • challenging temperatures (280°C/536°F)
  • high pressures  (350 bar/5,000psi) 

Nobody does more to improve the quality of their products or enhance the customer experience.