Seal Refurbishment

We offer a cost-effective, as-new, refurbishment service for virtually any mechanical seal, whether our own or our competitors' products.

Our as-new refurbishment process restores customers' seals to their original functionality, saving them the cost of replacement hardware. Available via a global network of service centres, staffed by highly skilled technical specialists, our refurbishment service offers a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to purchasing new seals.

Continuous investment in technical advancement and expert personnel allow our service centres to offer an unrivalled as-new service for practically any variation of mechanical seal. We refurbish both standard and customized seals, including mixer and bellows seals, gas seals and rotary unions. To provide the most comprehensive refurbishment service we not only restore our own products to as-new functionality, but also seals made by our competitors.

Innovative technology and practices such as CAD, CAM, multi-axis CNC machining and knowledge-management systems are used extensively in our refurbishment centres to provide a rapid response service that represents both excellent value and outstanding quality.